Who invented the Bhaskara formula?

The custom of naming Bhaskara for the formula for solving the equation of the second degree is apparently Brazilian (one does not find the name Bhaskara for this formula in international literature).

However, problems involving equations of the second degree appeared almost four thousand years ago in texts written by the Babylonians. These texts had a recipe (written in prose, without symbols), which taught how to determine the roots.

Moreover, until the end of the 16th century, a formula was not used to obtain the roots of a quadratic equation simply because the coefficients of an equation were not represented by letters. This began to be done from François Viete, a French mathematician who lived from 1540 to 1603.

Thus, while one should not deny the importance and richness of Bhaskara's work, it is not right to ascribe to him the well-known formula for solving the second degree equation.