User Stories

In this section students, teachers, or anyone who has a math story to tell, can send us. Check out some stories:

Alex Sander Palma
Love and hate

Fabiano Pereira Ferreira
Mathematics raised me

Renata Marani Golden Marques
I felt something was missing…

Renato Gomes Machado
Mathematics is more than art

Josally Lins de Arruda
The second biggest crush

Souza Satler lived
I became my teacher's colleague

Wesley dias
So I decided to do math…

Deborah Garcia
The confusion with the math teacher

Edilson Carlos de Sá Neves
Using the ceiling to do calculations

Clay Susini Aquino Junior

Victor Solomon Vilanova Costa
The beauty of mathematics is hidden

Ivone Sibeli Honorio dos Santos
Disabled teacher

Drielly Mazz
Mathematics and novels…

Eliana Scremin
Learning Mathematics and Knowing Love

Marcio Paiva Soares
I quit a Wal Mart manager job to be a math teacher

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