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Byte, kB, MB and GB drives

In computing, when we refer to the size of a file or the storage capacity of some device, such as a thumb drive or the hard disk of a computer, we hear the terms byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, among others less known. Each of these storage units is represented by a symbol: Byte - B Kilobyte - kB Megabyte - MB Gigabytes - GB In order to understand what each storage represents, you must first know what a bit is, which is the smallest unit. information that may be stored or transmitted.
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Challenge 12

Escalator Difficulty Level: You want to find out how many steps are visible on an escalator. This was done as follows: Two people started up the stairs together, one climbing one step at a time while the other climbed two. Upon reaching the top, the first counted 21 steps while the other 28.
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